Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bus stop locations:

    How can I get a bus stop changed?

    You may request a change in a bus stop location by completing a Bus Stop Request/Change Form that can be obtained online, from your student’s school, or the Transportation Office. The completed form must be returned to Transportation. You should receive a response within 10 business days. Please continue to use your closest available stop until it is reviewed.

    Why does it take at least 10 days to establish a new stop for my child?
    To establish a new, safe stop location a new route must be identified and then reviewed by a Transportation Department staff member for any potential hazards. Depending on workload, this process can take at least 10 days.

    I have a question regarding a bus stop location or pick up/drop off time. Who should I call?
    You can call the Transportation Department at (352) 797-7003.

    How will I be notified of a change to my child’s stop time (or stop location)?
    Routes are often changed to accommodate the growth we are experiencing in Hernando County. These changes can include a new time, a new bus, or a different stop location. The Route Specialist responsible for your child’s route will send a note home via the bus operator. These changes will usually occur within the next three days.

    I moved over the weekend. Who do I contact to get a new bus stop for my child?
    Routing is based upon the legal address the school has on file for a student. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide documentation of address to the school. The school will make the necessary change. Transportation will then assign a safe bus stop, in alignment with School Board policy and State guidelines.

    Who is responsible for informing me that the stop was moved/different route/different drop off or pick up time?
    The Transportation Department will provide the parents with written documentation concerning any route or schedule change.

    Can the operator stop at my house to pick up or drop off my child?
    Only certain students, whose needs are addressed through an IEP or a 504 plan, are eligible for “curbside” service. This service is typically restricted to situations where a less restrictive environment is not possible or where medical issues require this type of service.

    For other students, service is provided in accordance with state and district guidelines that assure a maximum travel to the stop of 1.5 miles. Please note, these guidelines apply to eligible students. Within these guidelines, every effort is made to improve route efficiency by clustering students at stops and, where possible, providing service on major streets.

    Late Buses:

    Who should I call if the bus does not arrive on time?
    You should call the Transportation Office at (352) 797-7003. The office is open from 6:00 AM until 5:30 PM, except for Early Release Days. On those days the office closes at 3:00 PM. In addition, you can check the Late Bus Report located on the District Website or HCSD Mobile App.  Please remember that if you are calling about a late bus, many other parents may also be calling. The calls are handled in the order they come in. Buses may be late because of inclement weather, road construction, traffic crashes, or unruly students.

    What information should I have ready when I call?
    You should be ready with your student’s bus/route number, name of the school the student attends, and the school bus stop location.

    The bus did not show up on time for my child. How long should she/he wait at the bus stop.
    School buses run late due to traffic, accidents, road closures, etc. Regardless of the reason, there eventually WILL be a bus arriving at every stop. The students should arrive at the stop at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time and wait for at least 30 minutes after the scheduled time. After that time, it is up to the parent to decide how much longer she/he wants the child to continue to wait. It is also up to the parent to determine what the family procedure will be if the child leaves the bus stop. Will the child go home or to a neighbor’s house? Will the child phone the parent? Are all phone numbers posted in the home or at the neighbor’s house? The phone number for the Transportation Department is (352) 797-7003 and we have employees answering phones from 6:00 AM until 5:30 PM.

    Why is the bus late and why wasn’t I called?
    Some of the situations that could cause lateness include traffic, road closures, weather, vehicle breakdown or a late prior route. Buses being driven by substitute operators are another reason school buses may run late. However, we are in radio contact with all of our buses and we notify the schools so that they can answer parents’ questions.

    Safety Information:

    Who handles student safety at school bus stops?
    In accordance with School Board Policy 8600, parents, guardians, and students shall responsible for the following:

    a. to ensure the safe travel of their students during the portions of each trip to and from school and home when the students are not under the custody and control of the District, including during each trip to and from home and the assigned bus stop when the District provides bus transportation;

    b. to ensure that students ride only on their assigned school buses and get off only at assigned bus stops, except when the District has approved, upon the request of the parent or guardian, alternative buses or arrangements;

    c. to ensure students are aware of and follow the District’s adopted Code of Student Conduct while the students are at school bus stops and provide necessary supervision during times when the bus is not present;

    d. to ensure that, when the physical disability of the student renders the student unable to get on and off the bus without assistance, the parent or guardian provides the necessary assistance to help the student get on and off at the bus stop, as required by District policy or the student’s individual educational plan.  

    Problems at school bus stops may also be reported to the local law enforcement.

    What can I do to ensure that my child has a safe start riding the bus to school each school year?
    There are a number of things you can do:

    a. Ensure that your child wears a name tag the first 10 days of school with his/her name, address, bus number, bus stop location, telephone number, and an emergency number.

    b. Put a tag on your child’s backpack with the same information as in “A” above.

    c. Before the first day of school, walk with your child to the bus stop and go over safe walking to and from the bus stop and safe waiting at the bus stop behaviors.

    d. Contact your child’s school and ask what the school procedures are for making sure that your child gets on the correct school bus at the end of the day.

    e. Send a note to your child’s teacher the first day of school and the first Monday of the second week of school letting the teacher know the bus number your child is to ride and the stop he/she is to exit the bus.

    f. Please remember, Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Graders are required to have an adult with them at the school bus stop in the morning and to meet them in the afternon.

    What are the rules or guidelines for bus stop placement near a sexual predator’s residence? 

    Florida State Statute 947.1405(7)(a)2 provides guidelines when sexual predators or offenders move into or within our county. The Hernando County Sherriff’s Office will contact Transportation to verify if a bus stop is within 1000 feet of the requested residence. If the new residence is within 1000 feet the person will need to find another location.  In addition, when a parent has a concern about the location of the stop, we investigate the stop to make sure we are within the guidelines or if the stop could be relocated.