• Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Program

    A child who is deaf or hard-of-hearing has a hearing loss, aided or unaided, that impacts the processing of linguistic information and that adversely affects performance in the educational environment.  The degree of hearing loss may range from mild to profound.

    A child is eligible for services if the extent of the hearing loss and results of the evaluation meets the state criteria and there is evidence that the hearing loss interferes with the student's progress in the general curriculum.  In addition, the student must require special education in order to benefit from education.

    Service Models
    Children who have been identified as deaf/hard of hearing may receive services at the home zoned school or at the school which has a certified deaf education teacher and interpreters depending upon the child's needs.  

    The schools that have a certified deaf education teacher and interpreters are:

    • Explorer K-8
    • Springstead High School.

    Dismissal Criteria
    Dismissal from the program for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing may occur when determination is made through the reevaluation process that the student no longer needs special education services in order to progress in the regular curriculum and does not require the services of an alternative communication system in achieving anticipated success.

    For further information, please contact:
    Judy Everett, 
    Supervisor of Exceptional Student Education
    Phone:  (352) 797-7022
    E-mail:  everett_j@hcsb.k12.fl.us.